Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Polaroid peripheral madness!

Instead of working on the proper blog post I'm planning, I'm doing this fun filler episode instead. I buy lots of Polaroid cameras (duh). Well, when you buy a Polaroid camera, you rarely get just a camera. You also get an assortment of sometimes useless, sometimes useful, usually interesting extras. So here are about 20 million photos of some of the junk I've gotten with my Polaroid least the stuff I haven't tossed (yet). Oh, and none of this is for sale!
First of all, flashes. Useless to me, as I rarely use a flash, and all of these are just too much work for me. Don't ask me which goes with what camera.
Model J-5 (uses M3 bulbs)

Model 268 (uses M3 bulbs)

BC Flash Model 281 w/diffuser (uses Press 25 bulbs)

Wink Light Flasher 256

Wink-Light Model 250

Focused Flash Model 490 (uses flash cubes)

Bounce Flash Bracket Model 292

Model 259 for the Swinger Sentinal (takes AG1 bulbs)

And, of course, flashbulbs...

The AG-1 bulbs are most useful, as they work in the Big Swinger 3000. And the flash bars, of course, for the SX-70. Flash bulbs are a little funny because there are a couple different mounts, so you have to find the camera they fit on.
I also get lots of batteries, which I usually throw away since they are typically decomposing inside the cameras.

I have a bunch of cold clips....

Spools from roll film cameras, both Type 40 and Type 30.

Light meters...

A cable release for folding pack film cameras, which is very useful.

Some kind of development thermometer. It has ASA and developing time (and no temperature), but I don't really understand it.

Lots of filters, some which are very useful, others which aren't so much. Still cool to have, though.
For the 180, 190 and 195...lens hood, orange filter and UV filter. And then a 5-stop ND filter, as well.

The equivalent set for the 110, 110A and 110B roll film cameras.

And a set for roll film cameras with the lens size of the 80, 95A, 150, etc. Includes yellow, orange and polarizing filters.

This is a 4-S ND filter for the same cameras, for use with 3000-speed film.

Filters for many of the pack film bellows (folding) and UV.

I've talked about these lens adapters before.

Along with these copy stands that I don't have the diopters to use with.

Lots of print mounts (to combat the curliness of color film).

Lots of cases that I don't use. I've thrown/given away many others.

And, of course, camera boxes...

And what kind of junk do we find inside of those boxes? Registration cards...

Junk mail for enlargements and such...

These cards are hooked onto the camera handles of hard case Polas.

And how about manuals? I have plenty of manuals. Don't ask me to scan any of these (I've had a few requests). There are plenty of resources on the Web (including this blog!) that show you how your Polaroid camera works. Scanning and e-mailing 30 pages of instructions isn't on my agenda!

And that's about least the stuff that isn't buried somewhere. I also have counters and a few other odds and ends.
Wait! What? You want one more story? Okay, how about those little instruction sheets that come in the film boxes? Tons of those, too. And then I'm done and straight to bed for you!

Lights out!