Thursday, March 25, 2010

Video update

Just a couple interesting photography-related videos worth watching. The first comes from Mijonju, who runs Circle Rectangle, as well as the Mijonju Show. Worth watching is an appearance by the famous Skorj and his famous 600SE, talking about street shots. Sorry the entire screen doesn't show here...seems to be cut off on the right. You can watch on YouTube for the full effect.

It's all true...most common phrase I used in Japan (besides sumimasen)? "Shashin o totemo ii desu ka?" Most common response: "Watashi? Hayako!" At least from the ojisan.
A good scene of Skorj breaking down his 600SE (and wasting what might be a precious 665 shot?). And Artsyken gets instant notoriety as his name falls from Skorj's lips. Check out the other Mijonju vids, as well...all good stuff. \

Second we have a Filmwasters video podcast that includes my backwards-peeled polaroid video from an earlier post, plus some other interesting stuff by some other interesting people. I didn't realize how bored I sound until I rewatched this...but that's probably how I always sound. Too cool for school.

02: Drum 'n Bassman - March 2010 from filmwasters on Vimeo.

And we also have the Impossible Project press conference, announcing the new PX film.

At one point, Doc mentions that they are the only company in the world capable of producing new instant film or something along those lines, which isn't true. But I'll chalk it up to excitement and marketing. Interesting times ahead! You can now order PX100 First Flush for $21 a pack.

And, in the same vein, here is an incredibly long SX-70 promo video from the 1970s. The volume is very low, but worth a watch. Explains how the camera works...

And, just because, here is the new Caribou video. You might want to turn the volume back down after the SX-70 video. Or, better yet, don't!

And I've been on a Ned's Atomic Dustbin kick recently.

We'll see what's cooking for my next post. Plan on fixing a 545 back for my Mamiya Universal. I have some Type 50 film to use and don't have a large format camera...sounds like a good use for it! And, I will grab a couple packs of the new PX film and let you all know what I think of it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Impossible? Not anymore!

This post is for the three Polaroid lovers that haven't heard, but the Impossible Project had their press conference on March 22, 2010, and showed off the new Silver Shade PX100 film for SX-70 cameras.

Also to be sold is a 600 version of the monochrome integral film (same film, I assume, with a filter on the SX-70 packs?).

Eight shots for $21 is the initial U.S. price, available on March 25, 2010. Not cheap, and 10 shots would have been nice, but still...pretty sweet. A color version is planned for the summer, as well.
I wasn't part of the test team, so I don't have any experience with the film, but there is plenty of information at the Impossible Project Web site. But, quickly described by what I've read and seen: It's integral, like Time Zero and 600 film. When the print is ejected, it is blue until it develops. It is very sensitive to light and temperature until it develops (should be fun in the Arizona desert in the summer). The finished print has a soft black/brown cast, and it can be manipulated like Time Zero.

See the site for more examples of output. The first packs are labeled "First Flush". My guess is that they will work on the formulas and the film will change over time.
On a side note, Polaroid is trying to make some money from this venture by using Lady Gaga as a spokesperson and there are plans to release new (ugly) Polaroid cameras. Unfortunately, and not very forward thinking, these cameras are updates to the One600, the most basic of integral cameras...fixed focus with the flash always on.

I'm sure the plan is to make a quick buck from young, hip, "impulse buyers". But, it can't do anything but help sales of the new Impossible films. I would just buy an SX-70 on eBay or something instead of buying what is basically a point-and-shoot. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the SX-70 prices skyrocket for a bit. Just don't buy the "Model 3". All the others are generally equal...mostly just style differences and the addition of a tripod mount or strap to some.

You can read an earlier post of mine on the SX-70.

On a completely unrelated note, here is a new toy for me to play with...a 50mm lens for my Mamiya Universal! Should be crazy wide with Polaroid film...40mm or so?

Until next time. Oh, and thanks everyone. Really. Almost 250,000 individual page views on my blog. May not be big numbers for real Web sites, but for some dumbass that just rambles about cameras, it's pretty nice.

Avida zane...not sure what I'll write about next. Been slacking this year with other life things going on.