Friday, April 08, 2011

Bronica Zenza S2A mini review

This is the shortest blog post ever! See here for my followup review of a friend's Bronica Zenza S2a with a 50mm lens.

Just got back from two weeks in Tokyo (yes, right after the earthquake and tsunami). I took a LOT of photos, it will take me a long time to develop and scan all of the film. I probably shot over 400 Polaroids, as well! Here are a couple from what I have scanned so far (which isn't much).

I have a couple blog posts to work on when I have time. Will be talking about the Bessa R4A, and I still want to do a followup post on the Kowa Super 66. Will also be talking a bit about my trip and a couple photographer get-togethers. Ja ne!