Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Backwards Peeled Polaroid

Many people want to know how to leave the paper "frame" on a Polaroid when peeling it. Very simple, so I've made a short video explaining the process. This was using Type 669, expired 12-2003.

The final print...

You can also peel straight from the "open" end, but it tends to stick more towards the pull end and rips off the frame. So I start with this difficult end. All peel-apart Polaroid and Fuji film can be peeled as such.

Type 689

Type 690


Fuji FP-100C Silk


Type 88

Type 107

Though some don't have particularly interesting frames, as with the Fuji FP-3000B.

And sometimes they tear, or can be torn if you want to do it on purpose, to leave just parts of the frame.

And sometimes the goop burns spots onto the print if you aren't being careful...but this doesn't bother me me much.

You can also scan the entire paper area if it turns you on, but I never do.

I peel pretty much every Polaroid like this. They can be removed at any time, even after drying...so if I don't like it, I take it off. Some prints are so dry that the frame just falls off while peeling. Some are so goopy that they practically disintegrate.
Some people like the frames, some don't...but it is another presentation option, and one that doesn't take much extra work.
Have fun!