Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day one...nothing much yet! A site to talk about photography or whatever I feel like rambling on about.

A shot from Phoenix, taken with a Diana camera and developed with Diafine. Not sure why the grain is so heavy, but I like it. The banding at the top happens a lot when I use Diafine. Need to get just the right amount of agitation. Fun developer to use, but it is quirky. Mostly a no-brainer, though, which is nice when I don't feel like dealing with specific developing times.

Diafine also works well for developing expired film. With other developers, a lucky guess on development time is required (sometimes up to 20 minutes!). With Diafine, I just add 2 extra minutes to each developer (5 and 5), since too long doesn't matter with Diafine. This was shot with a Kodak Brownie Holiday Camera, Using Rex 127 film that expired August 1965.

This is with a Snappy, which is a Diana clone. The film is Ansco Plenachrome, expired February 1952. That's 54 years old! I'm surprised it took an image so well. Again with Diafine.

More to come! Off to California in a week, plan to take lots of shots.
The plan is to post something every day that I am home ... at least one photo, if nothing else.

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