Monday, October 09, 2006

A few more olden moldies...

Some more playing around in the darkroom. These are from 1989 and are part of my final assignment in Photo 101 (or whatever it was called). I mostly put out crap for the semester and then suddenly 'blossomed' at the end, with all kinds of ideas. Guess it took me awhile to get used to the medium and move beyond the point, shoot and print attitude.
I initially shot a roll of film, focusing on textures and pattern. I copied the negatives using a zoom function on a copier onto transparent overheads, then used an overhead projector to..project (duh!) them onto my then girlfriend. I printed a few of these as stright shots, and some I used for experimenting in the darkroom.

This is a straight print:

And this was done with a small version of the print used as a paper negative:

Another thing I messed about with was using photocopies as negatives. This is the original photocopy:

And the print:

Another photocopy neg:

And a print made from a contact print of the print made from the paper photocopy neg (if that makes sense):

An example of the projected image on the model (funny, I never noticed the iron marks from mounting the photo!):

This is the same overhead used as a mask while printing:

Anyway, just a few more ideas from the past...

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