Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Class from the Past

Occasionally, I like to browse through my old negatives to see if anything catches my eye. It's interesting to compare what I printed then to what I like now. I think my camera eye was very good, but my "final product" tastes were sometimes lacking. I may say the same thing 20 years from now about what I scan today (I already do that with stuff from two years ago). But I do find that I have some nice and interesting shots that I didn't even give a second glance then. And the nifty thing about having a scanner today (yesterday's future) is that I can get a closer look at all of those old, funky negs that I didn't care about or didn't want to waste paper on. In 1990, I was working through my second and last year of photography classes. In February, we had a day to shoot with a nude model. I'm pretty sure I was the only person not only shooting the model, but also the class shooting and working with the model. If not, I'm probably the only person posting the shots almost 20 years later! I find these photos to be as interesting, if not more so, that some of the shots I took of the model. It's something I still like to do today, to shoot photos of the moment as well as the "target".
Before class begins, let's see what we are working with. Here, a portrait of the sensitive artist:

Classy? Indeed. Now begins the busy day...

Makes me want to pull out my 35mm again! When I finish my (second) degree, I'm going to continue taking art and photography classes, for fun and experience. Take my $2 Baby Brownie and stand alongside all of the $600 SLRs. Anyway, just a little "flash" from the past. Get it, flash, photography. Ha. I start school again in about a month, so I'm trying to get all of my blog entries in early...Expect another, soon!

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