Wednesday, September 05, 2007

World Toy Camera Day 2007 is coming!

WTCD? WORLD TOY CAMERA DAY! Hell yeah! So what is WTCD? It's that one day a year when we use our toy cameras. Ummm...well, I use mine all the time. But! It's that one SPECIAL day of the year that you go out and celebrate your cameras. Buy them a few drinks, show them a good time, sleep with them if plastic is your thing. Above all...USE THEM. Make an effort, go someplace cool, take some photos! Bad weather? No excuse. I've shot 5 rolls on a rainy day at dusk without a flash. Kids? No excuse. Take pictures of your kids. Family in town? Duh. Sick? I was sick last year...still managed to go for a walk and take a couple rolls. Working? Take pictures from your car on the way home. Take pictures of your lunch. After, take a walk, ride a bike, whatever. Just get out there and show your toy cameras that you love them.
So...when is this wonderful day, this day of toy camera REBIRTH. The day that your toy cameras rise above and shine a golden light unto thine own...uhh..whatever. Why it's...hold on, I need to look this up. Kidding.

OCTOBER 20, 2007

That is a Saturday, no matter where you live. Most people don't excuses. Some people go to the synagogue...take pictures of your Rabbi. He has a cool beard. Some people do work. Already covered that. Just take some time to get out (or in) and shoot.
But wait! What do "EYE" get out of this? So I go out and shoot. Weee. O-boy. Where are all the prizes and recognition? Well, you should go out and just have some fun, first and foremost. You can also visit these sites for more specific activities:

Toycamera dot com ...check out the forum
Lightleaks Magazine
Flickr WORLD TOY CAMERA DAY....and then some!

There may be some other sites with activities. The more, the merrier. Spread the word! Let's all make this a big day.
Here are some of my shots from past WTCDs. I'm taking the day off this year to go someplace fun. Maybe a missile silo or Mexico or something.

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