Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Still here...

Been busy finishing up the semester, and being generally lazy. I'll be posting some new stuff pretty soon. Building a pinhole Polaroid, hopefully with a wide angle. Also working on a mystery Holga build project...if I could get all the stuff I need in the mail. Still going to talk about the Banner/Diana thing, too.
A few shots from the Arizona State Fair on Halloween of this year, with a Banner, using I think Fortepan 100. Pretty sure that's the last time I've shot anything.

I'll also be reviewing a new Japanese toy camera called Tolne, which roughly translates to a slangy "Can I take your picture?" If you want to take a funny funny picture, it might be for you. Hopefully in the next three or four weeks or so I'll get that done. Not much else to report. Check out The Rosewood Thieves. Great band.


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Sean, get that P pinhole hooked up and you'll be hooked like me with the one I got. Who thunk to look in the mess I got downstairs...I forgot I had them. I posted a picture of it at tc...maybe you can get an idea where and what to use...as if you needed help...but just for a visual. I don't know how the hell he was able to make it so wide but it is and I'm going to try and do it some justice....outdoors. Look forward to seeing what you do....peace.


  2. Just dropped in to say g'day.
    You can't beat a state fair for a fun day with a camera. good stuff.
    The rides are a particular weakness of mine as well.