Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Impossible Project: A future for instant film...

For those that haven't heard, there is a new instant film producer in town...we hope. Florian Kaps, the man behind Polanoid and Polapremium (formerly Unsaleable), has started something he calls The Impossible Project. This is an attempt to re-energize and recreate the integral film market, which most of you know as Polaroid 600 film. The plan isn't to continue the Polaroid brand name or to continue existing Polaroid product lines, but rather to market a new brand of integral film, with new chemistry, for existing Polaroid integral cameras. According to this article, there will initially be two film types, one compatible with 600 cameras, and one for SX-70 cameras.
Florian and his associates have actually purchased the equipment from the Enschede, Amsterdam factory and leased the facility for 10 years. Along with a cadre of Polaroid experts, the plan is to produce a new integral film by the end of 2009, with probable release in 2010.
This is very exciting! I typically prefer peel-apart over integral (peel-apart was produced in Mexico and it has been suggested that the equipment has been trashed), but instant film is good in any form. I wish them luck!

You can help, too, by going to the site and filling out the form with ideas about whatever you feel you can help with. For me, the best way I can think to support the cause is to spread the word and continue to use and show my love for instant film. It may not be the most important issue facing us in these modern times, but I believe it is a just cause! Check out the site! There are some cool Polaroids of the location and equipment, and you can read about the people involved and the goals of the project!
These are a few of more more favorite integral film shots to wrap this up...

Peace through Polaroids!


  1. I knew someone would pick up the torch. But, darn it all, I use peel apart film in my 110B.

  2. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Does your 110B use rollfilm, or was it converted to packfilm? If you use packfilm, you can still get Fujifilm. But I'd love to see some peel-apart rollfilm for my non-converted 110s!

  3. it's roll film. i have an article about it in my past posts, called 'future past is present' i think. somewhere on my site...

  4. haha sorry i thought the comment was meant for me. then i read the other. but i still have an article.

  5. those polaroids are great! I love the DOF in some of them

  6. Anonymous6:13 PM

    There is no better pictures to be taken