Friday, April 08, 2011

Bronica Zenza S2A mini review

This is the shortest blog post ever! See here for my followup review of a friend's Bronica Zenza S2a with a 50mm lens.

Just got back from two weeks in Tokyo (yes, right after the earthquake and tsunami). I took a LOT of photos, it will take me a long time to develop and scan all of the film. I probably shot over 400 Polaroids, as well! Here are a couple from what I have scanned so far (which isn't much).

I have a couple blog posts to work on when I have time. Will be talking about the Bessa R4A, and I still want to do a followup post on the Kowa Super 66. Will also be talking a bit about my trip and a couple photographer get-togethers. Ja ne!


  1. These snapshots are very representative. They have a rarefied atmosphere, specially the last one here.
    Many people will never have in their collections, such a wide range of Polaroids taken in Japan, especially after the terrible disaster that this incredible place has had to endure.
    Congratulations on your trip, hope to see other scans about your experience.
    Ciao dall'Italia

  2. The pictures are fantastic as are all your posts. I've enjoyed the blog for awhile now. In the previous post you mentioned that you were selling scans from your show. How could I contact you about buying one? I can be found at

    All the best,

  3. Hi,

    I ran across your blog when looking for info about Polaroid pack film. I just got a hold of a beautifully refurbished Polaroid 250 and am finally experiencing the fun of pack film (I'm already deep into Impossible Project film as it is...). I ruined one pack of Fuji 3000 speed film when the dark slide ripped then the white tab ripped was chaos. But the 2nd pack worked fine.

    In anycase, thanks for all your work on your blog!! And I go to Japan almost every month. Was there during the earthquake... You are a brave man to go out there afterwards when most foreigners were recreating the exodus... I'll be going back next weekend. But just wanted to say great pics! Japan is definitely also a mecca for analog cameras. I'm sure you had a great time!