Friday, July 21, 2006


A little self promotion today. Made it into the new Holga book by the Lomographic Society! Yeah, I know, Lomographic, but it's still pretty damn cool! Here's the book:

I got two shots in. The first is the small horse shot on page 32.

A closer look:

And this full page photo on 256! Shot along Central in Downtown Phoenix:

Non-sepia version here. They cropped the right a bit to make it fit. I remember I burned the hell out of the edges of this roll with light, so all the photos were topless (woohoo!).

I also had a quote on some page, though maybe all the contributors had a quote?
The book is pretty good overall. Lots of nice shots. Quite of bit of Lomo "shoot from the hip" propaganda throughout (definitely meant to sell Lomo products), and the tips section is a bit of a mess with lots of broken English (though there were a few clever ideas). Nice to see a lot of toy camera users I know (online) throughout the book. Some funky layout ideas on a few pages that don't really appeal to me...mostly distract from the photography. Still, overall, a nice addition to my library and a nice, large collection of Holga work from around the world. You can get it from for $20 US plus shipping.

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  1. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Congrats on getting your photos in a book! Great stuff you got here! A classic touch you got in this B&W photo.