Thursday, August 23, 2007

Diana + (huh?) (Diana PLUS what?)

Looks like it's true...the Diana is making a return. Not a whole lot is known at this point, but there are some very nice shots on this Korean blog, possibly a camera tester (or a THIEF! Go thief!). This shot is from the site (I wish I had one in my hands to test out).

I'm guessing it is a Lomo thing, from the blurry Lomo logo in the background of one of the shots, and a flickr group started by Lomo's internet marketing guy.
It looks to have some interesting new features. The ability to switch between 12 and 16 shots, like a Holga. A pinhole can actually twist off the front lens! A seemingly complete absence of lightleaks (hmmm...undecided about that one). So like a Diana, but not. I'm guessing they didn't even have to buy the name or design from anyone. There are already tons of Diana clones out there...and who really owns the Diana copyright? Great Wall Camera Company? I'm not even sure that has been absolutely verified as the original build company. Who knows. Not me. Still, it looks like a fun addition to a toy camera collection. A big question is the price. I'm thinking something similar to the Holga package...around $75. The original is worth anywhere from $5 to $120, depending on where you find it and how much you are willing to pay. $60 is the most I've paid for one, the others were around $30-$35. So I guess it might be worth the price for the extra features and just because, hey, it's something new to mess around with. I was dubious when I first heard rumors about it. I'm not particularly anti-Lomography. They do what they do, and people can buy from them or not. But this new Diana+ does look pretty cool. I'm looking forward to it. Won't ever replace my Snappy, but I'll let it share my camera bag.


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I'm looking forward to when more information gets out. Definitely looks like a nice addition to the camera bag.

  2. Anonymous12:50 AM

    This is very interesting! I have been looking for one on ebay but they seem to go over my budjet. One just sold for $100.00. With postage and import tax that's quite expensive compared to Holga for example.

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I guess I'm the only person who thinks this is something of a travesty. Not that I think the world doesn't need another toy camera; the more the merrier. But this just seems to cheapen the name of one of the more interesting cameras out there. (Well, you know what I mean.) Looking at the photos taken with the new camera on the Korean site, they looked like the product of a Holga to me, not like shots from a Diana. Call it something else, but don't call it a Diana.

    Nobody ever said that marketing wasn't the core competency of LSI....

  4. oh, i agree, it is a bit of a travesty. certainly not a true diana, and it does feel like a bit of greed in there, but, hey. it's not like we can stop it from happening. might as well enjoy it for what it is...another camera to play with. it's not like there aren't other, completely crappy diana copies, like the banner (though i still love my banner).

  5. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Diana+ Camera will be issued on Sept 2007 since Lomography had
    been announced on June 2007 when they open a Lomography shop on Beijing, China.

    Lomography is planning to issue the Diana+ camera on the middle of Sep 2007 in order to catch up with the hot news for Princess Diana passed 10 years.

  6. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Huh - very, very interesting for sure. Not sure if I'll ever put myself out there for one, unless I can get it for like, $20 like a holga.

    I'm sure it won't come close to the atmosphere of a real diana or clone, but that twist off lens for pinhole is interesting for sure.

  7. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Lomography had been opened a party on June at Beijing China, which was celebrated to open the Lomography Beijing shop. In this party, they were showed the Diana+ camera and announced the camera re-issued on Sept 2007.

    So please keep your eyes on Lomography website.

  8. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Yours for 5000 won (approx £2.60)

    Let's see how much Lomography decide to rip people off!!!

  9. Anonymous2:48 AM

    You can expecting to get the Diana+ Camera before the congress Lomography on London.

    Princess Diana was passed on August 31th 2007.

    That's why Lomography is ready to
    announce the news on Sept 2007.

  10. Anonymous9:48 AM

    It is NOT ONLY DIANA+ CAMERA, but you also will finding the HOLGA PINHOLE Camera from HONG KONG/China will be appeared on marketing.

    The facotry of Holga will issued the Pinhole Holga Camera in the marketing. It is not coming from HOLGMODS. The Pinhole HOLGA Camera
    is coming from the HOLGA Factory directly.

  11. This was posted yesterday on the Lomography blog.