Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blue is the new orange.

Not much happening lately. Went up north to shoot, drove across the Navajo reservation last week. A couple days ago I drove through San Carlos reservation, which is Apache, with sol exposure. I took loads of shots on the Navajo rez, but not so many shots on the Apache rez. Too many Native Americans out and about, and I kind of stick out like, well, a white guy guy with a large camera. The Navajo rez is a bit more 'out in the middle of nowhere', as it covers about 1/4 of the state of Arizona, so it was easier being less conspicuous. Here's a few Polaroid shots from the Diné Nation.

And a couple from the Apache reservation.

I also scored a couple boxes of Polaroid Tungsten 64. Very, very bloooo. I like it, may have to search for some more. Some with my 195 and some with the Colorpack III, and very expired, of course.

Very nice tones...
So, I now have a Polga, which is a holgaroid, or Polaroid back for a Holga. I put in a pack of Chocolate and pretty much had problems right away. The first shot came out decent enough.

But the second shot was mostly blown out. It needs some kind of filter to keep it from overexposing.

And the third shot...well, the tab never came out, so I lost it. I transfered the pack to my Square Shooter when I got home. I have a pack of 679 in right now, but haven't had a chance to go out and shoot again.
I got a very nice 180 for a decent price, so after I've used it a bit, I'll write up a comparison to the 195. I also got a nifty little Agfa 120 box camera for $5, I'll talk about that if it works out okay. And, I want to talk a bit about 126 film at some point. I've had issues with getting a 126 camera that actually works, but I was gifted a very nice Instacora-F2, so maybe now I can use up some of my 126 stock.


  1. absolutely gorgeous. i cannot even imagine how stunning some of these prints are in personroid.


  2. i so need to go along with you on one of your photo trips...

    i got gas money!!!!

  3. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Thanks Sean, I had been planning on popping some chocolate into my Holgaroid/Polga but after reading about your experience I'll give it a miss!
    You're not wrong about that blooo - it's true blue!

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Those blue tones are absolutely stunning. I'd love to see pictures of things that are red shot with it – I bet it'd be crazy!

    I've got a cardboard box full of film for my Polga ... I always seem to have 120 in my Holga though, must do something about that.