Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Girls of Polaroid + Dippits! Yummy!

Okay, I've obviously been single too long, because my first blog post of the year involves checking out all the cute girls in vintage Polaroid instruction booklets. I've even named all of them. Ha ha...just kidding (shhh, Brenda and Janine, you know I don't mean it). A nice nonsense way to begin 2009.
I am honestly curious what the marketing scheme was behind naming a camera Swinger. I assume it's because the original was the first hardcase Polaroid (for Type 20) and sported a handle that would allow the camera to swing at your side. That's the smart answer. I prefer to think that it had something to do with using the cameras at swinger parties or some such. We all know Polaroid cameras make great orgy cameras. Anyway, the Big Swinger 3000...aptly named because it was bigger than the original Swinger and took only 3000 speed film.

Dude, get out of the shot...yer ruining the vibe. I think she is looking at the YES.
This lovely lady is holding a Colorpack II.

And her lovely friend.

They are both so...lovely.
This woman is holding a generic folding camera. Theoretically an M60, but I guess she must appear in multiple booklets for various cameras. Here, we see her vertical and, ahem...horizontal. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

A rather smart-looking chick and a Square Shooter. She must be shooting a short person.

And another with a Square Shooter 2. An equally attractive lady with a more attractive Square Shooter (I think the original Square Shooter is one of the uglier Polaroid cameras, only slightly better looking than a Spectra).

She's just as cute as a button. A cute button, of course. Not one of those ugly buttons.
This hottie with a Super Shooter is just downright shekshy, with her sculpted eyebrows. Get a firm grip with your left hand? Please do.

What are you doing now, my lovely Super Shootress? Besides being 35 years older. Bet you haven't aged a day. Maybe 35 years, but not a day.
I only have one lady with an SX-70. And by lady, I mean...you know what I mean. Wink. Nudge.

I guess the SX-70 was already sexy enough without female presence.
This is my own personal addition to the storyline, a friend and a Super Shooter. I'll keep it clean for her.

Check this out. Some hot developing action (clean didn't last).

Oh yeah....pull that tab. Uh huh..don't stop. You know how I like it...

Man, those are some excited Polaroids. They defy gravity.

And peeeel.

Whoops, got a little excited there, made a mess with my developing goop.
ANYway, I guess that's enough of that. That certainly was spicy. On a funny side note, I saw this in a Square Shooter booklet.

I'm all like, ummm...what type of film is that? I've never heard of Type 75! So I'm looking all over the Web and eBay. Well, duh, I realized it's the ISO. Film Speed. Oh. Ha. Dumb!

And while I'm talking about complete nonsense, I made the most pointless Polaroid purchase ever to start the year out. It was only 99 cents, so it didn't break the bank or anything, but...what the heck am I going to do with this stuff?

Dippit. So, what is Dippit? A couple posts ago I talked about a couple rolls of Type 46 I had obtained. Well, this is the stuff you dip your Type 46 slides into. Fixer, basically. Well, not basically. It is fixer. Open up the case and we find four boxes of the stuff. Nice stains. Maybe I should be wearing gloves. Nah, what's a little finger cancer.

Someone obviously didn't store this end up. Let's check out one of the boxes.

And inside...

Those chemicals look tasty and expired. This is encouraging:

Old (hey, only 34 years), flammable, possibly unstable chemicals. I think I'll store them next to my bed, close to my pillow. I may open these up at some point and rinse out the chemicals. Or make a cocktail.
So the name implies that you dip the slides into the Dippit. The instructions explain it better than I could.

Simple enough. Heh. Be sure the lips of the Dippit are clean. Heh heh. That's what she said.
I'm not going to use it, of course. If the Type 46 magically works, I'll probably just use regular fixer. If that .01 percent chance that it will work actually occurs.
Dippit. I buy it so you don't have to. Ugh, it feels like my eyes are burning now.

Last shot, a funny photo from a Polaroid booklet, explaining that all of your subjects should be lined up and looking away from the flash (spare the eyes). And at least one should have funny hair. I took a photo of the photo with an SX-70.

A few things to talk about in the future. I bought a special Polaroid for shooting oscilloscope screens (for 99 cents, even). Should be interesting. Also, I'll be heading to Japan for a few in March, hang with the famous Skorj. Need to figure out how to get a bunch of Polaroid film over there. I figure I can buy Fuji FP-3000P when I'm there. Should be some good times.
ANYway, talk later.


  1. you have me dying laughing..

    i just bought my first swinger.. not sure what to do with it now.. hmm..lol. ;)

  2. You had me at:

    We all know Polaroid cameras make great orgy cameras.

    The Save Polaroid revolution just became so much clearer... =)

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Heh. Great post. Thanks for that. Needed a laugh this morning.

  4. Hey there
    I am a lady who swings polaroid style!! I teach alt prcesses and 3 of my students gave me old pola cameras for xmas gifts, sure beats a shiny apple for the teach!! Two of those new aquisitions to my burgeoning pola cam collection are swingers, yeehar!! I plan to get my hair set in a beehive and hit the town in Grannys twinset and pearls with a swinger round my neck any day now......

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  6. Great polaroid girls series... here's another one for your collection... ;)

  7. oooh, baby. great post. :)

  8. Anonymous8:25 PM

    hey i have the m60 polaroid cam. buut i dont kno where to buy the film at and i dont know what film i should buy for it?? please help!! :)
    my email is carol123_456@yahoo.com have a nice day.