Sunday, April 12, 2009

He hath returned...

Wow, some kinda unintentional Easter reference there. Super short post, just haven't said anything for awhile so thought I'd say "hi". Spent a couple weeks in Japan, been home for a couple, but haven't taken the time to do much but scan and develop. I shot buttloads of Polaroids and film:

Yeah that's like 400 Polaroids. Not all are worth scanning, of course, but still lots of work. And I haven't shot anything since I came back, so I'm starting to go through withdrawals. Just to fill the emptiness in my heart, here are a few shots from the trip...first a couple Polaroids.

I took my 195, Colorpack III and Big Swinger 3000 with me. For the first time ever, I dropped a Polaroid camera...I dropped my Colorpack III, twice. Screwed up the meter and after wasting a pack, I just threw it away. Bummer, it was my friend. I have a new one coming from eBay.
I used my Fuji Natura Classica a lot. It was my "film digital" as I didn't bother to bring a digital camera with me. Used it for both artsy and touristy shots.

I also brought my Rolleiflex, but I'll talk about that later. I want to do a bit of a review...a little bit of good and a bit of bad. I'll also break down my trip into a couple travelogues of some of the interesting places I visited. Lots of great haikyo!
Anyway, a few parting shots of me in the Land of the Rising Sun shot by friends.
Artsyken, me and Skorj...

Shot by eichii scart during a photographers brunch (I still haven't scanned the shot I was taking in this shot)...

And a few more from Shikoku...

It was really cold.
More later. Enjoy your egg hunting or whatever it is you do!


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    400 Polaroids?!?
    Did you take a extra suitcase just for film?

  2. Lots like you did a lot of exploring. I've heard a lot of good things about the Natura Classica - your shots are fantastic!

  3. Holy crap, man! That's a lot of film and a lot of cameras :)
    Been loving your Japan stuff on flickr.