Friday, July 07, 2006

Been busy, but here are a few cosplay shots from Anime Expo 2006 in Los Angeles! These are all Fujipet shots.

Saisyu-heiki Kanojo, or She, the Ultimate Weapon.

Happa-tai Yatta! cosplayers. Yatta was a boy band spoof song done by a Kids in the Hall type show in Japan. You can probably find the video on the web.

Itsa me! Mario, Luigi and Daisy (I made the mistake of calling her Peach).

Not sure what this is from, but still looks cool!


For those not in the know, cosplay is dressing up like characters from anime, video games, etc. Mostly Japanese-based media. I've only seen a few toy camera cosplay shots, so I wanted to represent! Someone said "Nice Holga!" and asked if I had a Diana. It was in the bag. My bag. doh! Anyway, that's all for today. Soon I want to talk about the negative side to using toy cameras...more fun to come!

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