Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Lark

Remember this camera?

Well, I finally finished a roll and developed it (Macophot 100+ and Diafine). Interesting camera. It seems to leak light, but it must be from the front and not the back, as the leaks are on the picture only, and not the surround frame. It only leaks sometimes. This shot is free and clear:

While this shot, the next on the roll, and the same subject (or about 10 feet away), is completely blown out from light:

Then this shot has a nice leak in the bottom corner:

Another odd thing. The back has two windows, while my other 127 cameras have the usual single window. I just used the second window to line my shots up. I get eight shots this way...but there is a photo-sized space between each shot. If I had used both windows (1 in first than 1 in second), I could have fit 16 shots on the roll, BUT they would have barely overlapped. Not sure about the correct way to use the camera counter. I guess if you wanted to crop the photos in a bit, you could get 16 shots, but I like the frames from toy cameras. Lots of interesting shapes and doubling, etc. The camera also has a nice vignette and some blurring towards the edge. It's ugly and heavy and not much fun to carry around, but I'm pleased with the results, so I will definitely be using the camera again.

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