Monday, August 28, 2006

UPS Sucks!

I'll have a decent photog post in the next day or so, but I want to put out some negative publicity for UPS, because I hate them. They misdelivered a package of mine today. I call them, and they say, well, that's not our problem because the computer says it was the sender for a formal investigation. Around Christmas, I found a sweet lot of cameras on ebay. UPS lost the package. Their answer: We are not responsible for losing your package. Contact the sender for a formal investigation. Twice before that I've had packages delivered to the wrong condo building, even though the buildings are clearly marked. Answer from UPS: Once we show it as delivered, it's not our fault. I refuse to use UPS anymore, and any company that uses UPS, I guess they don't get my business. My purchase shouldn't be a crapshoot. Here's my money, what are the odds of getting my product? 50%? 90%? If I'm paying for a service to have something simply brought to me, I expect 100%. If I pay $15 for a pizza and it might not actually be delivered to me, am I going to order that pizza? Nope. So screw you, UPS. Oh, and HP sucks for not including a USB cable with a printer. Why the hell would I buy a printer for my computer and not hook it up to my computer?


  1. I agree, Sean! I had a bunch of ink cartridges and Polaroid film delivered to the wrong house and UPS claimed no responsibility because their computer said "Delivered." The person I spoke to on the phone even went so far as to say something to the effect of "How do I know the package wasn't correctly delivered and you're just trying to get free merchandise?" Yeah. I'm not a big fan. Best of luck to you with FedEx!

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      You can easily sue them. Small claims, piece of cake. You'll get a call from their lawyer and you will get a check. I've done it to them and to Fedex. Same situation, they lost something, but claimed it was delivered.

  2. Chelsea10:01 AM

    The UPS guy who delivers in my area stays at my door for approximately two seconds before taking off and leaving a "I will deliver your package many moons from now" notice. I have told him repeatedly that I would prefer that he just leave my packages at the door. The majority of the deliveries I get are from Amazon and do not require a signature, but the delivery man can use his own judgement as to whether or not he WANTS a signature (as per the FAQ on In short, I do not trust UPS.

    On another note, I really like what you do with your blog. I've been working with expired film for a few months (to no avail) and I'm glad to see that someone is having success.

  3. ups is evil. i've heard countless stories about poor service from them. i try not to use them if it can be avoided. once someone sent me a package and it had duty on it(the one and only time i ever got duty on packages mailed to me) and the ups guy didn't even have change on him. it's not like i knew what that there would be duty on it, since it was a gift sent to me. sheesh. i've known people who have worked part time for them and the stories they told about how they treat packages definately gave me second thoughts about ever shipping anything remotely fragile through them.

  4. Anonymous7:48 AM

    UPS are a bunch of idiots who try to avoid paying for damage claims at all costs. They will lie repeatedly to yuo while pretending to work on your behalf. Even worse are the UPS Stores, which are franchised outlets that rarely pay any insurance claims, and avoid all responsibility by playing the 'Delay Game', which is stalling the claim with plenty of excuses while the clock ticks down. The quote 'We're doing all we can sir..." is a bunch of BS. Use Federal Express or DHL, we've never had a single damaged item in the 4 years we've been using both these companies. You have to file papers at your own expense to take UPS to court for fraud before they decide to start paying out your insurance claim. Avoid dealing with an Asian persons connected to UPS, they are the ultimate scam artists and I do't give a damn if someone whines and says that this statement is racist. It isn't racist, it's a FACT.

  5. Anonymous7:51 PM

    UPS sucks is an understatement! They CONSTANTLY lose packages, make 2 delivery attempts, and then decide on a 3rd (skipping 2 or 3 days in-between).

    Often mark their WEB site tracking with “EXCEPTION” and you end-up with damaged cartons AND/OR damaged goods or missing parts.

    They recently left a package on a truck for 3 extra days and I had to chase them all the way so they wouldn’t send it back early. Who in their right mind would want to have a shipper’s account with them?

    They’ll say they made a delivery attempt and instead, likely cause more damage by stomping or wrecking it further in the truck!

    Have had lots of “fun” with these incompetent clowns! That includes management who covers for them with their own code language. Their communication system is lax and antiquated. They just plain suck - across the board.

  6. I always used UPS because I thought they were the cheapest. A friend showed me and low and behold, FedEx was cheaper the majority of the time. Now that I know that I will be very reluctant to use UPS.

  7. I agree. A company shipped a hard drive from Toronto to Winnipeg (12 hour drive 2 hour flight) as an over night priority early am delivery. It was picked up by 3 pm (cut off is 5pm for next day delivery according to UPS) on thursday and to be delivered friday. With the information being critical I needed it by friday hence why we were paying $250 to ship it this way. It never arrived. We used a local courier. It was half the price and it arrived the same day. The UPS box arrives on monday (3 days too late) with the express stickers, 8 am delivery etc all over the box. UPS's reply. we give no huarantee of service. UPS SUCKS

  8. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I signed up for a UPS account one week ago and received a SPAM call from their 1-800-686-2700 phone number. It was dead air. I received it exactly one week to the minute after creating the account(I looked on the confirmation email they sent when I signed up). There is no way they ever intended this to be a call made by a person.
    If you are going to sign up for an account there, I would highly recommend putting this number in your ignore list if you can do that. This is a very unprofessional practice by UPS and they should be very weary of continuing this type of practice.

  9. There's a reason why UPS is known as United Parcel Smashers ...

    Or the longer version (heard on a newsgroup ages ago): If you neither care IF your package arrives, WHEN your package arrives, or in what condition it arrives, use UPS. If you want it to arrive intact but don't care about speed, use FedEx. If you want it to arrive intact and on time, DHL.

  10. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I too am getting the 800-686-2700 phone call with dead air. What is up with that? I had an online acct w/UPS for several years but when I had to return something, the sender said to charge to their acct number. The UPS online system wouldn't allow for that so I had to sign up for a different kind of account, even tho I rarely use them to ship (our company ships regularly).

    I use DHL and they've always been great til the past three weeks. After a year and a half of good service, in the past three weeks, we've had to dispute 27 shipments because of their errors in billing, or service failures. Their people can't seem to get anything right on the phone.

    As long as you're just doing simple stuff, they're all ok. But don't get heavy-duty on them or they can't handle it.

    BTW, we tried FedEx Ground as an alternative to UPS a few years ago. They lost or damaged 6 out of 10 packages. Not acceptable.

    They all suck and they know it.

  11. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Hmm... Very interesting... I just created a UPS account online 15 days ago. I started getting (weekdays only) daily calls from 800-686-2700 about 8 days after opening my account. I don't recognize the number so I don't answer it. Is it really from UPS??? This really ERKS! me, if it is! Not professional AT ALL.

  12. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Hello to all. I hope we bring this company down for low performance. In two occasions UPS return my package to destination because they said that the address doesn't exist, and now I sent a package to my sister in Orlando and they send it to Buffalo NY and then after a few days they are routing it to the right location. For me that I will begin an online store I got new for UPS...NEVER AGAIN NEVER

  13. Anonymous5:05 PM

    hello all,,maybe you should move out of the ghetto and the ups driver will leave your package!! The last thing drivers want to do is make a second attempt at delivery the next day,the only way we cant leave a pkg is if the residence is deemed as unsafe.. so,,those who dont get there pkgs left must live in filth and are garbage and nobody really cares what you have to say anyways..........

  14. uhh, yeah. and now we know that UPS really does suck.

  15. I'm with the UPS-haters on this. They lost a 59-lb pkg that contained a portion of my Regal Arkay junior camera stand last week. Part 1 (the column) made it to me, even though their online tracking never shows it arriving at my local distribution center. This is the first time they've lost one, but their attitude about it is enough to make me think twice before using them. Now, Regal Arkay has sent a replacement, and its tracking number isn't even working. Looks like #3 is coming up...

  16. to give them some credit, the woman who currently delivers my ups stuff regularly nowadays is good.

    some dude from fedex dropped off a box this morning and when i opened the door as he was walking away, he was like "uh, that's you right?" smart guy, did the address give it away?

  17. Anonymous9:32 PM

    ups is the suck of the suck, my package , ordered on a monday, has now been magically "bouncing" for two days straight within jacksonville,FL...

    see,the pckg spends 30 or so hours just sitting on FL, only to get a departure scan at 830 pm, and get an "arrival" scan , ON THE SAME DAM PLACE 30n minutes after....

    what is UPS taking my pckg for a stroll around florida so it doesnt get bored???

    seriously , it takes the dam pckg ONE DAY to get from illinois to florida (bout what? 200 miles?) , yet it remains ther for 2 days sitting less than 100 miles from my home doing god knows what around jacksonville for 2 days....

    and thats not even mentioning the second package, wich its tracking number still registers as "billin info recieved" meaning they havent even sent the dam package out of their distribution center....

    United PArcel service of suck its what should be their name...

    this level of incompetence is what movies and books are inspired upon...

    because its surreal how much they suck....

  18. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Problem with this rip off company is that the recipient is screwed. They receive a damaged item, report it, and ups says they can only deal with the shipper..WHO ALREADY HAS BEEN PAID ONCE FOR THE ITEM, THEN GETS THE CLAIM MONEY FOR THE CLAIM FILED BY THE PERSON WHO RECEIVED THE DAMAGED GOODS!!!!!!! MAYBE if they are honest, they will forward money to you, BUT no one, not even shipper gets claim money until they PICK UP the damaged item from the receiver, who does not want to give it to them, but only wants money to pay for repairs. I asked what they will do with it, they say sell for scrap! So i am supposed to turn my guitar over to them, and HOPE my shipper (someone form ebay) turns the claim money over to me? If he doesnt, He got paid twice, from me and from ups and I dont have sh*t. Not even the damaged item. THEY FU*#ING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS PATHETIC. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. Also, after they pick up your item, they sell it for scrap and make the claim money back. Everyone wins except the receiver!

  19. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Yup UPS is terrible. I order some computer parts from Florida and I live in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. The package crossed the border very quickly and was "out for delivery" 7 days after I placed my order. Like WOW!

    First muck up: I phoned UPS while my package was in transit to pay the customs/duty/tax fees AHEAD OF TIME. Bam... $74 customs charge?!?! WTF... I figured, $330 once in a lifetime order, $74 I can suck up. After googling it, it seems UPS has customs charges 3-5x higher than anyone else. But whatever, my mistake so I was ok with such a steep charge.

    Second muck up: No One notified the depot or delivery driver in edmonton that I had paid the customs fees IN ADVANCE! and so I came home to a door sticker on Friday "Leave a check for $74 payable to UPS"... excuse me?!?! you ripped me off ONCE, but now want twice?

    Third muck up: I called UPS friday evening to have them change my package so that it is left at a UPS store (where most of my packages get left for ME to pick up) but again NO ONE ever recorded or relayed the messege.

    Fourth muck up: Tracking info online says I REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE - I certainly did no F#@!%^& such thing. I called UPS yet again and found out my package was at the DEPOT, not the UPS store. So I told them to JUST LEAVE MY PACKAGE ALONE I WILL PICK IT UP FROM THE DEPOT MYSELF! The rep was considerate enough to tell me that this may cause a delay in receiving my package and he didnt want to inconvenience me... are you f*(#&@$ kidding me, this is WAY beyond inconvenienced.

    Fifth muck up: Once AGAIN, nothing was recorded and no one was notified of my request.

    The kicker: Get a call at lunch time the Tuesday saying my package was "LEFT AT MY FRONT DOOR". I get home from work 6 hours later... empty porch. I just moved to the townhouse, dont know any neighbors and worst of all... the townhouses are joined together so at least 10+ houses can see whats on my front porch.

    A side note: I only found out NOTHING was recorded or relayed just now (Wednesday), after speaking with a UPS rep who told me NOTHING WAS ON FILE FOR MY SHIPMENT EXCEPT FOR A CHANGE IN DELIVERY DATE from the Friday to the Monday and then to Tuesday, which I NEVER F(#$)@% asked for in the first place.

    The save (we shall see): the company I purchased these parts from initiated an investigation EVEN THOUGH THEY GOT PAID ALREADY and could have easily screwed me since im way up in Canada and they are in Florida.

    If UPS does not approve the claim and gives the shipper the money back so that I can get a replacement or refund, I am filing a claim with paypal (method of payment).