Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just a few experimental Polaroid shots today, using Type 88. The camera is a Square Shooter with the front end (lens) of a Colorpack, for the glass lens and ability to switch between 75 and 3000 ISO. I like to abuse the heck out of Polaroids to see what they do, as you can screw with them quite a bit while they are developing for the 30-45 seconds. Bang them around, press on them, slide the print around on the goop...all kinds of stuff.

Who says a photo has to be a picture of something?

I like the intensity of colors with Type 88...and a low light situation makes the shutter drag nicely.

Faux vintage, beat to hell and back. Remember whan I mentioned lightleaks on Polaroids? More on that later.

Check out other experiments with Polaroids at Polaroid Abuse on Flickr.

Anyway, off to Cali tomorrow, with a bag of cameras in hand! Taking...a Holga, two Dianas (just in case one stops working), a Polaroid, the Lark, and a Fujipet. Plus my digital and a Spongebob Squarepants disposable. I think that's it. Should be plenty enough to annoy the girlfriend.

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