Monday, June 26, 2006

One of my first attempts at the homemade lens thing... nothing too exciting, but it actually worked! Done by stacking a few things that shouldn't work, but work well together! I'll mess around a bit now that I know I can get an image (most combinations yielded nothing but blur). The camera body was a Banner (Diana clone).

And this shot was achieved by just holding a lens in front of the (lenseless) barrel with my hand. Again, not too interesting as a photo, but the idea merits some future experimentation.

Found out a bit more about the Lark camera (see last week's post) from a friend on Made around 1939, 3x4cm format on 127 film. Valued at $25-$40 US. Pretty funky looking camera...looks like something that should have been made 15 years earlier. I'll take some shots with it later this week.


  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Between you and Nic, there's a wealth of information and handy tidder's to look over and think about. Your image with the massive poured light leaks is one that is all too common with my work and instead of throwing them in the trash, I scan them just because and some of the time you can play with it and pick up a few surprises. I have a negative that looks like murder with those blackened bursts of light. I mostly get those LL's when using color as the film is not tightly wound when pulling it from the camera...of course, its prone to attack because of the looseness, and having myself removing it outside...but what you gonna do. It happens all the time. I'm going to see what it looks like later on.

    Good show on the blog and looking forward to seeing more of the same....and cool usage with the stackage and homemade beer, or brew...well, you know what I mean. Have a great time in Cali...and please, more cleavage. Haha.


  2. Thanks for the good words! I had quite a few unitentional leaks from a "new" diana that refused to roll the film tightly. And, of course, I refuse to unload my film anywhere except in the brightest sun.

    I'll post some pictures of my cleavage, but there isn't much there!