Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dianaroids (just a taste)

Sounds like something that requires cream. Maybe Poli-ana? Anyway, little experiment I've been working on, needs some adjustment. Ripped apart a Stellar (Diana clone) and attached it to a Polaroid back.

Main issue so far is shutter speed...seems to be too fast. Underexposed ID-UV, which I believe is 100 speed film. Not sure how to fix that, as I can't change the shutter speed on a Diana.

This was exposed for about half a second.

Now this is 667, which is 3000 speed film. It is slightly overexposed, but I could reduce the aperture maybe.

The goop side shows a bit more detail.

So I've taken it apart again. First thing I want to fix is the dark circle. I figure I can correct that by removing 15mm from the barrel and making the body 15mm longer. I'll be posting updates and a more complete 'story' when I get the thing working to my satisfaction.


  1. I had the problem with the dark circle too. I thought about moving it farther away, but that seemed to create too many problems.

    The only other thing that worked was to open the aperture all the way(that's what I do now), which of course the shutter mechanism won't accommodate, which in turn requires you to build a new one.

    *sigh* maybe you can figure out something better.

    cheers for ripping apart a camera!

  2. yeah i have to keep the focal length at 70mm to retain focus. i figure if i remove the barrel up to the point of the shutter, it will reduce the circle. just have what comes from the aperture without the base of the barrel blocking it in. i hope.

  3. unless it's the aperture itself making the circle. that was the case with me, I never had a barrel and I was still getting that circle.

  4. Try it with a Holga, it's got a little wider lens, may give you some more wiggle room.

  5. the good thing about diana lenses is that they are 70-75mm, where holgas are 50mm...getting that close to the film plane may limit your options.

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